Jacobson v. Westcom Property Services, Inc.

(Click Here For Case Access)  Age Discrimination / Wrongful Termination

8/22/18  –  THE TIBOR LAW FIRM, A.P.C. filed a complaint in court on behalf of the Plaintiff, Ms. Jacobson, against her former employer, Westcom Property Services, Inc.  The complaint states that Defendant Westcom Property Services violated the Fair Employment and Housing Act’s prohibition of discriminating against employees on account of their age when it terminated her employment.

Ms. Jacobson worked for Defendant Westcom Property Services, Inc. for over nine years.  The complaint alleges that before and after being passed over for promotion for younger employees due to the need for “continuity” in the position, Ms. Jacobson made it clear that she had no intention of retiring as, in addition to loving her job, it was vital for her to keep working because she and her husband needed the income.  The complaint alleges that in February 2017, Defendant Westcom Property Services abruptly reduced Ms. Jacobson’s hours from full-time to part-time.  Later that year on December 1, 2017, Defendant Westcom Property Services, Inc. terminated Ms. Jacobson’s employment.  Ms. Jacobson was 69 years of age at the time of the termination.  The complaint alleges that Ms. Jacobson’s age was the substantial motivating factor for the decision to terminate her employment.